Bill Wizard has been upgraded!

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Bill Wizard, our online bill payment service, has been upgraded and is now available to use!  If you are a past Bill Wizard user, all of your information has transferred to the new system.  If you have not yet tried Bill Wizard, there’s no better time than today!  This service is provided at no additional cost to our members, and can save you time and money over paying bills through the mail or online through individual company websites.  You need to be a registered Virtual Branch user to access Bill Wizard or our other online services.  To sign up, just visit the link above to log in or enroll.  There are also several new options available with the upgraded Bill Wizard.  These include person-to-person payments using PopMoney; Transfers among your accounts, including other financial institutions; organize splitting expenses with other people; and receiving eBills.  There are Help options and FAQ to help you as you navigate these new options for the first time.  If you have questions, please call, email or visit a branch for assistance.


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