Online Bill Payment Services

Are you tired of paying bills?

If you’re like most people, time is getting more and more valuable. Stopping by the post office to pick up stamps, sitting down to write out a share draft for each bill and remembering to drop them in the mail doesn’t always fit into the hustle and bustle of daily life. There is a way around it…Let AAFCU do it for you! While the credit union can’t actually supply the funds to pay your bills, it can eliminate some of the stress and time constraints associated with doing so. The service is called Bill Wizard, and you can sign up for it and start using it right now. Bill Wizard is just one piece of our Virtual Branch online services. To register for Virtual Branch services, click the Virtual Branch icon and follow the prompts. Registration for Bill Wizard is available on the Self Service tab, Additional Services. Once you register, just log out and log back in and Bill Wizard will be available for you!

Think of the savings……you’ll purchase fewer checks, fewer stamps, your pens will last longer, and best of all, your time will again be your own! We’ll take on the hassles and aggravation of paying bills for you, including the postage!

Other fees will still apply–including overdraft fees, NSF fees, stop payment fees, etc.

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