Phone calls about your computer?

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If you are receiving phone calls that alert you to problems with your computer, this is a SCAM!  Like many other scams, this plays on your worries about losing access to your online services or makes it seem like the call is coming from a legitimate resource.  Any time you get a call, email, mailed communication, text, or any other format…stop for a minute before you share any of your personal information!  Question why they would be reaching out to you, how they know about the ‘problem’, and how you can be certain that this is safe for you.  Always use your own resources to check first.  Do an internet search where you type in your own information, call a phone number that you already have to verify, etc.  Read up on common scams so you don’t fall victim.  For example, here is a link to information about the common technology scam, from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) website:  Another useful website is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

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