Virtual Branch/Mobile App Password Resets

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Thank you for your patience as we have navigated so many changes in our systems and processes the past few months!  We appreciate your understanding and patience as often these changes are out of our control.  One of the “new” items to incorporate has been changing your password for Virtual Branch every ninety days.  This has led to an unexpected bump in the road…many of our members use Virtual Branch services mainly on their cell phone.  When you would receive a notification that it’s time to change your password, these notifications are not triggered on a cell phone, only on computers.  This is not currently something we’re able to change.  If you generally access Virtual Branch only on your cell phone, and you are getting a message that we are unable to validate your information, it may be due to the need to reset your password.  If you use a computer, you should be able to do this; or you are always welcome to call and we’ll help you get reset.  We have been able to change the frequency of changing this password from ninety days to once annually, so once you’ve reset your password, it’s good for 365 days.  As always, if you are concerned that someone may have gained access to your password, you can change it any time, and should in situations such as this.  If you need help, please call or email.

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