Worried about the Equifax Cyber Attack?

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This is more than just another breach.  Equifax is one of the biggest credit reporting agencies, along with Experian, Trans Union and somewhat smaller Innovis.  143 million consumers may be affected by this cyber attack, which may have accessed data including social security numbers, addresses, accounts, birth dates, driver’s license information, etc.

Rest assured, we are doing our best to protect you, and will monitor your accounts with us for fraudulent activity, as we always do.  There are ways that you can protect yourself, also:

  • Keep your contact information with us up-to-date, including cell phone numbers and email, so that we can contact you quickly, if necessary.
  • Check your monthly/quarterly statements.  If you see questionable activity, contact us for help immediately.
  • We do have fraud monitoring protection in place to protect you.  This includes asking many questions to verify your identity, phone calls to verify credit card or debit card transactions, closing and reissuing cards if needed, and more.
  • Your AAFCU Visa Credit Card offers Zero Liability Protection, protecting you from loss providing you notify us immediately.
  • Beware of phishing emails.
  • Consider adding Sherpa Identity Protection.  Details are available on the link on our home page, or click here.  There are fees for this service.
  • If you are worried, here are five steps that you can take.  You can also visit the website created by Equifax, to see if your information may be affected; click here.
  • If you are affected by this breach, or any other identity theft activity, you may consider freezing your credit files.  Click here for more information.

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